Lightning dragons have a world renowned penchant for creating and tinkering, but despite our organizational skills, few of us have the patience or social skills for the sort of customer relations that a business requires. For this reason, the engineers at the Tempest Spire are proud to present their newest creation: the Automaton C-12, the foremost in customer relations technology*. Although seemingly sentient, the C-12's are nothing more than carefully controlled** artificial beings, who act on programs written by our programmers to provide both the best experience for out of flight guests and the best training for new interns. These programs offer such services as tours, answers to FAQs, and the coordination and instruction of new interns.

*The engineers at the Tempest Spire are not responsible for any displeased, confused, maimed, or otherwise seriously injured customers that this program may cause **The engineers of the Tempest Spire are not responsible for the actions of rogue/malfunctioning programs

Created by: AeonsMusings, localdreamer
Breeds Imperial, Nocturne, Wildclaw
Genes Iridescent


Colors Ice, Thistle, Splash-Aqua
Genes Shimmer


Colors Ice, Thistle, Splash-Aqua
Genes Circuit
Colors White
Hatcheries None
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