Welcome to the Flight Rising subspecies wikia! The wikia where you can find subspecies from the dragon breeding website: Flight Rising! Add your own subspecies here, and read about other flight's subspecies. Be sure to read the rules first before you start editing.

If you want to start reading about all these wonderful subspecies quickly, you can check out the Content Category. Which has all the subcategories packed within. So you can quickly find all the Shadow subspecies for example.


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  2. Only edit other people's articles when you have their permission. Adding or removing categories is an exception to this rule.
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  4. Don't add articles to categories where they don't belong.
  5. If you have more variants of the same subspecies, and they look nothing alike: Add another table for each variant.
  6. If you've made an article, add the categories of what breeds it belongs to, and what flights. You can use other categories, and add your own.
  7. If you want to practice something, use the sandbox.

Article TipsEdit

  • If you are using a table, it might be useful to use columns. You can also use that little extra space to put some other information, a column tutorial can be found here.
  • If the table doesn't have information in it which you would like to add: Just add it.
  • If the table has some rows which aren't really helpful at all, just remove it.
  • Lore might be interesting to include, so are things like favored treasures and favored familiars.
  • If you want to show off color ranges, you can just make your own image in photoshop or other art programs. But if you don't have something like that, use the color ranges generator.
  • In the table, there's a little small space for a example picture. If you don't know how to get such a small image, you can resize the image yourself. Or use the tutorial or the signature generator .
  • Use more images to make it more interesting.

Other useful websitesEdit


Here are the tables which you can copy and paste in your subspecies article.

Name of subspecies
(small example image)
Created by: (FR username of creator of subspecies)
Flights Flights of the subspecies
Breeds Breeds of the subspecies
Genes Primary Genes allowed
Colors Insert Image of the color range here.
Genes Secondary Genes allowed
Colors Insert Image of the color range here.
Genes Tertiary Genes allowed
Colors Insert Image of the color range here.
Hatcheries If you know a hatchery who breeds this subspecies, add the link here
Spreadsheat Add link to spreadsheat here
Official Thread Add link to the official thread on the forums here

The codeEdit

You can just copy and paste this into your article, you'll need to go to source mode for this. Then, edit in the information. Delete or add things if you wish, this is just the basic template.