Dragons across Sornieth know how difficult digging in Dragonhome can be; the cracked, dry soil and arid climate hardly make the place prospitable. However, what most dragons don’t know is that there are deep veins of precious metals--gold, silver, even platinum!-- resting just beneath the surface of our Earth flight home. At least, no one had known about them… until a fortuitous prospector sunk his pan into the sandy shore of an errant stream and discovered an egg hiding below the surface!

Upon hatching, this egg produced a beautiful, rare dragon with crystalline golden scales and faceted golden wings. Although he couldn’t quite clear all the dirt from the deep cracks in the hatchling’s hide, it was clear that he had come across a beautiful (and valuable) dragon.

Since his windfall, thousands of would-be prospectors have panned the rivers in Dragonhome, and their efforts have not been unrewarded! From eggs found buried in riverbeds and desert streams have hatched some of the rarest Prospector dragons in the world. As these dragons age, they have been known to have a natural affinity for finding the veins of gold and silver in the ground, making them a must-have companion for any gold-miner.

Created by: Kraalofbhaga; Earth Flight
Flights Earth
Breeds Any
Genes Crystal
Colors Gold
Genes Facet
Colors Gold
Genes Crackle
Colors Soil-Rust
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