Similar but not identical to the Geode sub-species, Pyroclastic Geodes are born of both Earth and Fire. They are identified by their dark charred bodies and sparkling wings.


Some dragons hear the call of their ancestors more strongly than others, and they leave their earthly bodies behind during their first adult molting. Usually, these abandoned vessels are taken back into the environment from which they were birthed, through immolation, decomposition, petrification, or other means.

Occasionally, these dragons are recalled to their bodies to serve out a higher purpose. When the Earthshaker calls back one of his Snapper children in this way, a Geode Dragon is born.

However, even more uncommonly, a dragon of mixed lineage may hear the call of multiple ancestors. When Snappers and Coatls are strongly spiritually connected to both the Earthshaker and the Flamecaller, they seek out an active volcano and bury themselves in the ash, cooling lava, and pyroclastic flow to ascend to their exalted calling. As their bodies sleep, the heat and pressure of the volcanic atmosphere changes them, creating a metamorphic wonder. A reawakening of these special dragons from their slumber results in the birth of a beautiful Pyroclastic Geode Dragon!

Pyroclastic Geodes
Created by: Raptorkind; Earth Flight
Flights Earth, Fire
Breeds Snapper or Coatl
Genes Speckle, Ripple, or Iridescent
Colors Gray-Obsidian
Screen Shot 2015-08-29 at 1.25.58 AM
Genes Facet
Colors Any
Genes Crackle, Gembond, or Glimmer
Colors Gray-Obsidian
Screen Shot 2015-08-29 at 1.25.58 AM
Hatcheries Pyroclastic Geode Hatchery
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