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Some say this old adage was coined when the dragons of the Zephyr Steppes first witnessed their Red Sky kin in the skies. Their bright colors a sharp contrast with the blue sky and the glimmering gemstones on their wings and bodies reflecting the sun and moon, these dragons were easy to spot. Though they rarely descended out of The Twisting Crescendo, soon they were familiar to everyone for their unique appearance.

But as the saying implies, the appearance of a Red Sky dragon is not always a welcome sight. These dragons are taken to be omens – some say that the whiskered maw of the Imperials of the breed and the tuned-to-vibration ears of the Coatls have given these dragons the ability to sense changes in the weather. The darker dragons of this breed only appear when fair weather is on its way. The lighter dragons, which seem much more acclimated to chill and wet weather, appear when weather of this sort is on its way.

Why these dragons are red and bound in gems is up to speculation. Some say that the dragons know that they are the beacons for the coming weather, and thus evolved their colors so contrasting with the sky that all might see them. The gems, some express, heighten their keen sense of wind, temperature, and air pressure shifts, so that they are more keenly aware of what is to come. All of this is speculation only – this subspecies of dragon is shy, and only a handful of others have spoken with them anywhere on the Windswept Plain.

Personality Edit

These dragons, being not very social with their own kind, are somewhat of a mystery to more common breeds on the Windswept Plains. They do seem to be kind dragons, only shy, and when they are seen they are generally seen smiling. They are a group that keeps to themselves, and are a tight-knit family unit.

Favored Items Edit

Favored Familiars Edit

These dragons have been known to keep company with familiars that can keep up with them in the skies. The only exception is the gale wolf.

Favored Items and Apparel Edit

Since they spend most of their time in the skies, Red Sky dragons favor lightweight items that they can carry with them as they soar. They especially love feather trinkets and silks in reds, pinks, and blacks, but have been known to hoard the occasional shiny object. Young dragons in their clans are rarely seen without some sort of "comfort" trinket, and usually carry Windsinger Puppets as they flutter around with their parents.

Favored Foods Edit

Red Sky dragons, though composed of two different breeds, have one food in particular that they favor highly: seafood. While even the Coatls have been known to occasionally eat insects flying over the Windswept Plains, those who claim to have found dens of Red Skies say that they are often littered tWIPremnants of seafood.