The outcome of too much time spent engrossed in research. A copy of the researcher is created from their books and papers, appearing as folded paper that moves independently.

Lore Edit

Sentient Scrapdragons are not dragons, in the traditional sense. Also called “Paper Golems” by scholars, Sentient Scrapdragons are literally creatures in the shape of dragons made entirely of sentient folded paper. While they are “alive” in the sense that they have minds and can think, the only sustenance they require is constant knowledge. They do not drink, or eat traditional food, or even use the bathroom. It is currently unknown whether or not a Sentient Scrapdragon can bear hatchlings, but if they do, then it is likely that their offspring will also be paper constructs.

A sentient Scrapdragon is formed when a dragon pursues their research so intensely that their research notes literally come alive, filled with the energy that the dragon put into that work. The resulting creature will retain the exact shape of the dragon, except instead of flesh, the resulting creature is made up of research notes. The resulting scrapdragon will also be of the same flight as its creator.

A sentient Scrapdragon is in a sense a living embodiment of research. They are instant experts of the material contained in the notes that constitute them. In order to stay alive, a scrapdragon simply needs to be constantly learning and acquiring new knowledge.


A rare Water flight Scrapdragon

A scrapdragon can only be created via paper: if a dragon takes down their research notes on a stone tablet, for example, a scrapdragon will not form. This is the reason why there exist so few scrapdragons from the Earth flight. Similarly, water flight dragons tend either to not write their notes down, or to write them in clay tablets, as paper quickly disintegrates underwater.
Sentient Scrapdragons

aka Paper Golems

Created by: Brilliantsky
Flights Arcane, Light and Lightning

Rarely Earth and Water

Breeds Any
Genes Ripple
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Maize, White, Ivory
Genes Current
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Maize, White, Ivory
Genes Circuit, Smoke
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Other Requirements Dragons MUST be XXY
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