These dragons have become somewhat feral, having strayed from their clans for too long as hatchlings. Now, half-wild, they prefer to prowl around the shattered temple ruins of Cairnstone Rest, prowling on hopping mice, moles, and sparrows whenever they can catch them in their claws.

Their dusky fur and feather patterns allow them to blend in with the mottled shadows between the rocks and crevices in Dragonhome. Their long, fluffy coats and coloration are reminiscent of feline animals, giving them the misnomer, “Cat.” This has nothing to do with their habit of purring when content or basking in the sun…

Temple Cats
Created by: Kraalofbhaga; Earth Flight
Flights Earth, Fire (possibly Wind and Light)
Breeds Coatl
Genes Tiger
Colors Sunshine-Chocolate, excl. Beige and Tangerine
Genes Stripes
Colors Sunshine-Chocolate, excl. Beige and Tangerine
Genes Underbelly
Colors White, Maize, or Beige
Hatcheries -
Spreadsheat -
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