These originated from poor, small faes that were blown far and wide by the gusts of wind in the Plateau. Steadily, they adapted to look like large debris as they flipped and swirled through the air. From far away, they look like nothing more than stray autumn leaves blowing through the air. Their tiger bodies add a sort of hypnotic and disorienting appeal, swirling together with their freckled wings to dissuade predators from attacking. In large groups, they have a great effect on predators, as discerning one flailing body from another becomes extremely difficult. Okapi disorients predators more, due to the subtle shift in stripes on their bodies. Crackle would add a splash of color to their bodies that would help in large groups to blend together.

The colors have steadily been reduced throughout the years to a select range. The wings have become the colors of leaves in autumn, flitting through the air. They often wrap their wings around themselves when they are blown off to shroud their lighter colored bodies. The bodies have adapted to resembling light colored trees and the light grasses of the plains.

As such, due to their nature, living in a single clan is possible, but they are away for long periods of time. During this time, they are often staying with other clans or finding shelter in their current environments. They are also known to be extremely affected emotionally by the weather and the dragons around them. During seasons of rain, they often appear miserable and disheartened. The wonderous seasons of wind are when they are most excited, happy, and playful. Of course, they are often seen as the most joyful subspecies, since the Windswept Plateau is the most gloriously windy land discovered as of yet.

Windblown Wanderers
Created by: Sabatea
Flight Wind
Breeds Fae
Genes Tiger
Colors Ivory-Gold
Genes Freckle
Colors Gold-Sand
Genes Okapi, Crackle
Colors Ivory-Gold
Hatcheries n/a
Spreadsheet n/a
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